Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Respond to Maple Street's Monsters

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street had a clear message for its audience back in 1960. In one paragraph, explain the meaning of the closing comments in light of the events of the story. This paragraph needs to identify the message or theme of the story.

In a second paragraph, tell how you feel about the message in the play (the one you identified in the first paragraph), and explain how the message still has significance in today's world (unless you believe otherwise).

Finally, consider how the play could be updated to make it more relevant for an audience today. What do people now know about aliens and space travel? What equipment would be affected by the blackout? Where would the story be set (country, city, suburbs)? How and what would Tommy know about the cause of the events?

Comma Practice

In light of the test coming up on Thursday, here are a few online exercises to practice your comma usage.
Activity #1
Activity #2
Activity #3
Activity #4

Friday, October 27, 2006

iPod Creativity

Have you ever though that your iPod would be better if only it were a little different?

Here's a few ideas that people have had about the future of the iPod : Apple fans dream up next iPod

Which one is your favorite?

Short Story Checkup

As I have been watching the stories develop, I am adding a few more requirements. Here is a reminder of the ones we began with as well as a couple new ones.

  • You can only have one setting.
  • The events of your story must not take longer than one day to occur.
  • You must use quotation marks to show what people say.
  • You must change the names of the people who inspire your characters.
  • You may not have anyone die in your story.
  • You should have at least one paragraph per element of your plot diagram (basic situation, conflict, each complication, climax, and resolution)

7B should have their stories and free posts complete by Sunday morning (as usual). 7A, since they did not start their story until Thursday, have until Wednesday, November 1st, to finish both their story and free post.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Salt Trade in the Sahara

We have been talking about the role of the salt trade in Africa. Here is an article about a man who travelled with real salt traders in October 2006. Even though the traders no longer are able to trade their salt for gold, they are still crossing the Sahara by camel like people have for hundreds of years.

Dying Trade of the Sahara Camel Train

Sunday, October 22, 2006

What's Your Story?

This week's assigned post is to write the first draft of your story. Follow the plan that you made in your plot diagram. Your story must use quotation marks to show dialogue between characters.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Halloween Hunt Photos

Here are the photos I took today. I didn't take many, and I deleted most of the ones I took.

This is one that I edited to focus on the blurred face peeking back. Can you tell who these people are?

Sergio, sorry. I like it. It's a good action shot. Not quite in perfect focus but close.

This one, I couldn't decide if I liked it wide or tall. Leave a comment and tell me which one you prefer. The wide one has had the colors boosted a bit more.

Social Studies Test - Chapter Two

Here is the quiz on chapter two. Good luck.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Laptops and Libya

I mentioned this in class the on Friday when we were talking about life expectancy. Here is the BBC story about Libya's plan to provide laptops to all students that caused some of you to consider moving there.

Libyan pupils 'to have laptops'

If you are still looking for an idea for your free post, this might work for you. Remember to give credit if you quote from the article.

Have a good long weekend! (I am already ;-)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Comma, Commas, and More Commas

This week's assigned posting is related to the work on commas we've been doing in class. Your assignment is to write a couple paragraphs that describe a nightmare holiday: the worst possible holiday when everything possible goes wrong. Use the following eight instances where commas are needed in your paragraph:

  • series of objects
  • series of modifiers
  • series of phrases
  • series of independent clauses
  • introductory prepositional phrase
  • introductory participial phrase
  • introductory adverb clause
  • introductory yes, no, or interjection
You may use these sentence structures in any order you want. When you have finished, add a number (1-8) in front of the words that require that the comma is used. Directly below your paragraph, list the numbers 1-8 and identify each cause from the bulleted list above. You may (and should) use the textbook to help you with this activity.


Add a number (1-8) in front of the words that require that the commas is used. (1) Directly below your paragraph, list the numbers 1-8 and identify each cause from the bulleted list above.

1 - prepositional phrase (this shows that the words "Directly below your paragraph" are a prepositional phrase)

After you have finished it is time to make some international links. Head out into the wide world of blogs and leave at least three comments on other student's blogs. Be nice. Be constructive. Use the comment beginnings listed on the blog. I recommend looking for blogs where you can add experiences that you have had that are relevant to the post.

Post of the Week

I know I'm a week behind, but I left my blog scores at the school over the weekend. These are the posts of the week for your most recent posts and I will put up the posts of the week for week before on Monday (promise!).

1. Solving Problems Properly by Valeria
2. Japan!!! by Alexandra
3. Why I Sail by Augusto

Both students have lots of thoughts and ideas of their own, and have really gone the extra mile when it comes to detail and length. Congratulations.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Posts of the Week

This week, the honors go to...

...lots of people.

A couple students that have great reflections on blogging are Paulina and Natalia Y. Lots of students are remembering important (or not so important) times they have spent with their friends and families. Stefano wrote about Holy Week, Roberto about watching the World Cup, Stephanie about having a little Lemonade Sale, and Valentina about going on a Trip on the Radiance. Luis Carlos went back to the idea of responding to developments in the news with this post on an Out of This World Vacation. Finally, Nohora just took some time to think about what is important to her in her Goals and Resolutions for Seven.

Whew! Great work grade sevens. (no wonder it took so long to post.)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Test Preparation

Here's a little one about the plot diagram. It doesn't use exactly the same vocabulary as we have, but you should be able to figure out the differences.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Simon Says... Hug Miss Alba

You can almost see the fear in her eyes...