Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bridge to Terabithia Movie

A few days ago, someone asked about a movie of the book. There is an old one, but I was looking around this weekend and found a new one. In fact, Disney is making it and will is going to be release in February of next year. Here is a link to the IMDb Bridge to Terabithia page. You can look at the cast, some photos from the movie, and the trailer.

From the trailer, I am a little worried that Disney has taken this great story about imagination and friendship and turned it into a special effects extravaganza. Shouldn't a movie about the power of imagination help to develop imagination?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Quotation Marks Answers - Passage C

We didn't have time to go over the answers for this in class, so here you are. You can check your own.

Fran put aside her books to answer the phone. "Hello," she

"Hey, Fran, take a break," said Nick. "There’s a great party going on here. Why don’t you come over?"

Fran hesitated. She was tired and bored. The party was tempting. She felt like a cartoon character with a devil perched on one shoulder and an angel on the other.

"Go to the party," the devil said. "Forget this studying."

"Stay home, or you’ll regret it tomorrow," the angel whispered.

Interrupting Fran’s thoughts, Nick urged, "Oh, come on, you can cram when you get home."

Fran felt an imaginary stab from the devil’s pitchfork. "I want to, Nick," she said. Then she gave into the imaginary angel. "I can’t. I really have to pass this test."

Note: a comma after "imaginary angel" in the last line is also correct.