Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Response Posting

One of the things that the internet is good for is the ability to connect ideas together. If you want to give your opinion about something that others might not know about, you can give them a link so they can find out more about it.

Your assignment this week is to create a post that responds to another webiste.

Here is an example that links to a site.

Why I Might Be Wrong About School

Sometimes, when I have to go to school in the morning, I don't really feel like going. For me, school is the place where I work. I think that a lot of students feel the same way too. Cassandra Nelson's report for Scholastic News where she travelled across Afghanistan and talked to young people about their lives shows a group of people that feel completely differeently about school. For them, school is an important part of their goal of improving their life. A 12 year-old girl describes her day:
"I get up before sunrise to say my morning prayers, and after that I study and prepare for school. Then I have to bring water from the well, make tea, help my mother cook breakfast, sweep the house, and help wash the dishes. I go to school at 8 am. It is just a short walk from our house. School gets out at noon. Then I come home and help my mother cook lunch and clean house. I do homework for about two-and-a-half hours in the afternoon. In the evening, I get more water from the well and help cook dinner. After all my housework is done, I study a little more and work on my embroidery. We usually go sleep at about 8 p.m. We do not have any electricity so there is not much to do after it gets dark."
Wow, that girl does a lot of work during the day! It sounds like she spends three or four hours on homework a day on top of all the housework she does. I think that she must feel like the work she does at school is for herself. It will make her life better. Why else would she work so hard?

How different is her school from the one that we go to? Why do we think of school as work, when she works so hard for school?

When you respond to another internet site, you should:
1) Give the title, author and website of your source.
2) Link to the source.
3) If possible, quote from the source (using the quotation marks button).

Here are a couple places where you can go to look for ideas to respond to:
1) Scholastic News - check out the News and Special Reports sections
2) CBBC News - Look on the left for the news areas like World, Sport and Sci/Tech.
3) Time for Kids - The magazine Time publishes an online edition for young people.

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