Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bridge to Terabithia Movie

A few days ago, someone asked about a movie of the book. There is an old one, but I was looking around this weekend and found a new one. In fact, Disney is making it and will is going to be release in February of next year. Here is a link to the IMDb Bridge to Terabithia page. You can look at the cast, some photos from the movie, and the trailer.

From the trailer, I am a little worried that Disney has taken this great story about imagination and friendship and turned it into a special effects extravaganza. Shouldn't a movie about the power of imagination help to develop imagination?

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Diane P said...

I am a 7th grade teacher in Oregon, USA. I saw the previews also for the Bridge to Terabithia, which was one of my favorite sixth grade novels. I was also a little concerned that Disney may have taken the fantasy part too far and ruined the whole point of the movie.

I actually had to stop and think what the premise of the movie was that Disney was showing versus what I had remembered the movie to be about.

Don't you just hate it when movie makers don't follow the books. Several of my students were very disappointed in Eragon.