Sunday, February 04, 2007

TLP Research

Starting today, your blog will become your research log for your TLP.

For each source of information you use, you need to write a post in three parts:
  • What I learned - Summarize in your own words what you found memorable and important.
  • What I think - Write your opinions, inferences, and evaluations of the information.
  • Where my path leads - How do you want to expand your understanding of your topic now?
There are two more requirements for these posts.

First, for online text sources, you should try to quote from the original source. Look for parts that are worth remembering to quote. Include passages that you think are written so well that they deserve to be preserved in their original form or passages that you strongly agree or disagree with.

Each post you make also needs to be linked to the source your are writing about. Did you read a website, a news story or another blog post, or watch a documentary? You need to link to it (or a page about it in the case of a documentary) so that other people can find it. If someone else found a great source of information, wouldn't you want them to share it with you?

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