Sunday, August 13, 2006

Going Blog Hunting

Alright! Now that you have begun to blog, you are ready for your first blog hunting trip. You're on the lookout for great blog posts. There are three things that bloggers do to make their posts more readable:

1st - Depth - They really have got something to say about their topic. Bloggers who explain their ideas and opinions in depth give the readers something interesting to read and respond to. Find a blog post that gets deep into its subject.

2nd - Connections - The internet is full of information and ideas that good bloggers use. Your posts don't need to say it all when they can link to the other sites that inspired them. Find a blog post that has at least one link to another great website inside the post.

3rd - Interaction - Posting your blog is the start of the game, but having people read and comment on it is a victory. Find a blog post with a set of comments that is a conversation between the readers and the writer. To qualify, the person whose blog you are reading has to have commented on their own post by reacting to another comment.

Here's what to do:
1. Put the title "Blog Hunting" in your notebook. Make three sections: In depth, Connections, and Interaction where you will write down the results of your blog hunting.

2. Go to this class blog from Australia or this class blog from Brazil or this class blog from Canada or this other class blog in Australia. Look down either the left or right side of the blog for a list of the names of the students. Click on a name to go to that student's own blog.

3. Do your best to find one example of a blog post that goes in depth. When you find one, write down the web address of the blog (ex. or and the date of the post (ex. August 14th, 2006 or November 27th, 2005) in the In Depth section in your notebook.

4. Repeat step 3, but looking for a post with Connections.

5. Repeat step 3, but looking for a post with Interaction.

6. If you finish early, go back and look for a second, even better post for each of the three sections.

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