Monday, January 15, 2007

Asian Project

As we start the second half of the year, we are going to be starting Asia and the Pacific. We are also going to start sharing the teaching of the sections. That's right, after working with me in class, you will publish your lesson to the internet and then teach the class what you have learned about your section.

Your responsibilities will be to:
  1. read and understand the section.
  2. write and edit the class wiki on your section.
  3. present a well organized lesson to your classmates.
What is a "wiki"? It's an editable web page. Anyone who goes to the website can change what it says. Our class will have a set of pages about the first two chapters of the Asia textbook. Both groups, 7A and 7B, will work on the same wiki page for their section. At the beginning, you will write the page. Later, you will read improve the page by adding, removing or changing what is there. This is our class wiki.

What is a well organized lesson? It has an introduction, explanation, and conclusion. The introduction is like the Before you Read section; it should tell people what the important ideas are that they should understand by the end. The explanation should use what you already know to help the students understand the ideas. Can you compare the topic to what they know about Cartagena or Colombia, or even what we learned about Africa? You should try to connect the new idea to an idea they already know. A conclusion is like the After to Read section. It should remind them of the main ideas so the last things you tell them are the ones they need to remember.

The timeline for this project will be
Research and planning phase: January 16th-25th
Wiki completion date: January 25th
Presentation Days: January 30th and 31st, and February 2nd and 6th

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