Sunday, January 21, 2007

Teen Life Project Introductions

Here are the introductions we have put together for you:

Introduction to Colegio Jorge Washington and Cartagena

Introduction to 7A

Introduction to 7B


Luis Carlos U. said...

Mr. Hide, I have a question. Why am I in the 7B introduction if I am in 7A? Weird...

Juan Felipe Clavijo Porto said...

Hey Great Videos, But the best one is the 3rd one, what a nice video, googd luck cojowa and byebye
att: Juanfe;)

Andres said...

el 3 video es el mejor

Ashley said...

Those are some pretty sweet videos! I am so excited to learn more about all of you! I really can't wait to put up our video so you can see what our lives are like! You guys are so lucky, having a school right there by the beach! That is soo nice. Well, I gotta go. Byee!
Ashley H.
Mr.Fishers Class

andres said...
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andres said...

7A is the best!!

I am Andres.S Who is the other Andres?

Katherine said...

I really like these videos. I think that they were very well done and that they had very good music on them. I hope that this teen life project thing wil continue on forever! It is so much fun! I really like it because we get to meet new people...well not really meet but you know hear from. I think that its a good thing that we are doing this and i hope that we get to this again next year because I will be in Mr. Fisher's class again because its a split class so bye bye hope to hear from you soon! :)


P.S.- you should check out my blog. I enjoy writing on it.

Toni said...

Hello Mr. Hids's Class. My name is Toni and I am a student in Mr. Fisher's class. You did a great job on your videos. I think that you have a great school and it is really cool that your school is right by the beach. It is a lot of fun to be doing this project with you!


April said...

Wow, ever lucky! Your school is right near the beach! And I would LOVE to have open hallways! But since it snows so much in Snow Lake, Canada, we can't...which really sucks. It's only warm for about two months here, and then it gets cold again and snows. Your school is so awesome! I wish our school looked more like yours!


Derek said...

Hi! This is Derek in Mr.Fisher's class. You guys made some really videos on your school. I am really jealous about your weather. It is really nice. Plus, your school is beatutiful. I am really excited about this project.

randy said...

Hi this is Randy from Mr. Fisher class and your school is cool it is way better then ours. Ireally enjoyed your video.

Anna said...

Hi Mr. Hide and Class,
I just thought that I would leave a comment telling you what I thought of your video's. I thought that the way you put Google Earth in your first video was very cool. I also liked the way that you put your text in your video's and the music was awesome! In some parts of the 2nd videos the text went by to fast for me to read.. .. maybe next time you can slow it down a little.

kate said...

Hi! This is Kate in Mr.Fisher's class. You guys made some really sweet videos on your school. I am really jealous about your weather there. living here it is very cold in the winter and warm in the summer...(notice i said warm not hot!) It is really nice how you guys have nice weather. Plus,i am also jealous because your school is beatutiful there. I am really excited about this project that we are douing i am doing the bullying topic.bii

peace out :P

Shyla said...

Verryyy good videos! I loove the music. My favourtie song is the one played in the first video. =) Thsese are soo cool. The beach looks beautiful. I'd love to have an ocean biew like that. I've never even seen the ocean in real life. :p
Good Job!


Anonymous said...

WOW! This is all a very cool concept! Looks like you all are still having fun and working hard!!! Thanks Isa G for sharing!


Room 613 said...

Great videos, especially number 3. You have an outstanding blog for 7th grade students. We have a 6th grade class blog at
Again, very well done!
Mr. Hetherington