Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thanks 7B!

I really appreciated your kind gesture on Friday afternoon. Not only did you organize the event, you made sure the class was clean afterwards and even got back to work. The food was great, even though (because?) it was not quite as healthy as the food I usually eat.

As promised, here are a couple better photos of Cohen.

See you tomorrow!


Margui said...

Hello mr hide, I know I am not in 7B and all that but I really whant to tell you that Cohen is so CuTeEEeEeEeEE!!!!!!! I hope you have great times with him and all of your family.. Att: Margui

Isa M. said...

Mr. Hide we did know that the food we brought wasn´t your type but that is what in the parties is offered. Cohen is super cute! Hopefully Aisha stops being jealous because you love them both. Keep your great work as dad!
Bye, see you tomorrow.

Paulina A. said...

Hi mr.hide, congratulations for your new baby. Cohen is really cute!!

Stephanie C. said...

He is really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hbrodes said...

Hi Mr.Hide and Mrs. Hide,
Wow congratulations on your new baby. It is so adorable.
I hope that Cohen grows up to be as cool as his dad seems.
Have to go now,
Congratulations again.