Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Teen Life Wiki

As we begin to make contact with the other schools we will be working with on the project, we are going to explore a few ways of getting to know each other across the distance.

The first way is to read and respond to each other's blog posts. You are building up a network of learning partners, and the people you have added to your Google Reader account are the ones you should focus on. If you get other people commenting on your blog, take a look for them and see if you want to add them to your network.

The second way is the internationalteenlife wiki where you can post your questions and ideas for the other students to read and respond to. Mr. Fisher's class, from Canada, have already posted a few questions. Use it to ask questions that occur to you as you explore. We'll use these questions when we talk to the other classes.

The third way is through phone conversations. In a little while, we'll set up a phone conversation with the schools in Canada and the US. In this conversation we'll try to answer some of the questions that other people have about where we live, how we live, and what we see in our future.

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